Schellhammer Business School offers its students a multitude of extracurricular activities to ensure they are equipped with the best possible skills and tools to efficiently face the challenges of their future professional and personal life. A fundamental basis of all extracurricular activates offered is that humans do business and business is for humans. How can you successfully do business if you have not got the necessary knowledge and skills to deal with yourself, with people, with life, and with the local and global social networks?

If politics fails to promote the manifold world of small and medium sized businesses then society will collapse. If a region does not have a widely balanced world of small and medium sized business, the local economy will collapse. Look around the world and see the problems of business people, humanity, societies and the earth. Then you begin to understand the tremendous failure of the ‘standard’ educational programs around the world. The educational programs at Schellhammer Business School include everything you will need to succeed with yourself, with life and with business for humans and the world.

Clases de lenguaje

All programs at Schellhammer Business School include the option to learn one or more foreign language, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and English.


Based on our mission at Schellhammer Business School students regularly take part in Workshops and Industrial Visits and have the opportunity to gain extra credits via optional modules.

Some Of The Recently Held Workshops:

  • Workshop: Mass psychology, brainwashing, manipulations, and its effects on the world of businesses
  • Workshop: The global power of the media and the freedom or manipulation of information for businesses
  • Workshop: Development of the earth population, of poverty, and its effects on businesses
  • Workshop: Global financial management (debt) and the effects on businesses and humans
  • Workshop: Destructiveness of corporate groups, commercial shopping malls and speculation businesses
  • Workshop: Climate change, catastrophes, destroyed environment and its effects on businesses
  • Workshop: Military, wars, its psychical-spiritual sources, its economy and influences on humans, and businesses
  • Workshop: Mental disorder of people in power affecting the business world and soul of people and of humanity

Industrial Visits

Some Of The Recently Held Industrial Visits:

  • Santa Verde: Aloe Vera Farm in Estepona
  • CEPSA: Oil Refinery in San Roque, Algeciras
  • Marbella Golf: Golf & Equestrian Club in Marbella
  • Kempinski Hotel: 5-star Luxury Hotel in Estepona
  • San Miguel: Beer Factory in Malaga
  • Agrojardin: Garden Center in Estepona
  • Juanar: Nature Reserve in Marbella
  • Cortijo El Robledal: Stud Farm in Manilva
  • Quesos Sierra Crestellina: Cheese Factory in Manilva

Actividades de ocio

Students at Schellhammer Business School can also take part in a diverse variety of off-campus activities including horse-riding, tennis, golf, football, kite surfing, water skiing, sailing and cultural trips (Sevilla, Granada, Cadiz, Morocco, Tarifa, Ronda, etc.) among many others (subject to additional fees).