Master of Arts in Politics

The Master of Arts in Politics is a pioneering program that prepares the candidate for the ever increasingly challenging political system of the 21st century. The program provides a thorough understanding about the world we live in today and provides candidates with the tools to face the challenges of the world tomorrow.

  • Political management, strategies, tactics
  • Religion, culture and politics
  • Politics and its human factors versus the citizens
  • Modern Philosophical Anthropology
  • Trouble spots around the globe
  • Causes of wars and military activities (1880-2012)
  • State of Humanity & the Planet
  • Personal Development
  • Global re-armament and concepts of peace development
  • World politics and the immense global problems in future perspectives
  • Geography and its political implications
  • Comparative politics (countries of interest)
  • Conspiracy hypotheses or theories: One World Order, false flag operations, proxy wars, etc.
  • Internal (national) political conflict management, problem solving (e.g. austerity, economic growth, public debt)
  • Modern concepts of international conflict management, problem solving
  • Aims, strategies and principles of global renewal
  • Solutions for Humanity and the Planet
  • Workshops & Industrial Visits
  • Research Paper

Course Information

  • Course Code: MAP-300
  • Course Duration: 1 academic year
  • Minimum age: 24 years old


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