Schellhammer Business School COVID-19 Contingency Plan

The wellbeing of our students and staff is always of utmost importance, and never more so than in a situation like this.

In compliance with the Spanish Government directive we have closed all on campus teaching facilities for 15 days, whilst all our staff have transitioned to working remotely from home, and students who still reside at our campus accommodation have been instructed to exercise the utmost precautions and strictly follow the health instructions issued by the Spanish State.

Within the limitations of the lockdown restrictions, on campus students are being monitored by their student representatives who are in constant communication with all members of the Advisory Board.

We are not alone in trying to adapt to these extraordinary circumstances, indeed the entire world is adjusting to a prolonged period of uncertainty.

However, rest assured that, throughout this period of uncertainty, the Schellhammer Business School leadership will continue to work in the best interests of all of our educational community.

As an institution we have a strong history of welcoming students and staff from around the world to our campus, and all are an integral part of our international community.

Whilst our first priority was to ensure that everyone was safe and following the legal guidelines for the first 15 days (which continue to apply) our second priority is to ensure the uninterrupted continuation of studies if the lockdown is extended even further.

If this nightmare is over and the Spanish Government allows us to open after 11th April then we plan to resume on campus classes as scheduled on 13th April.

However, if restrictions on movement continue beyond 13th April 2020, teaching and learning for all undergraduate and postgraduate programs will be moved to an online format.

We are sure you will understand, moving away from our conventional face-to-face teaching and assessment at short notice is a significant undertaking which requires a considered and efficient approach.  

Our aim throughout our planning is to ensure that students can continue, or complete, their academic careers, whilst allowing for fair assessments, regardless of location or individual circumstances.  With this in mind our current proposals are as follows:

Teaching and learning: We have a wide range of technology tools available for our Instructors to deliver lectures, tutorials and supervisions online. More information will follow shortly. 

Exams and assessment: The exact detail of how examinations will be delivered if the lockdown continues is being carefully considered to ensure students are not disadvantaged by being in different time zones, because of their home and working environments, or due to any specific learning needs they may have.

Graduation: Proposals are currently being reviewed and we will provide an update as soon as possible.

It is vital that the solutions we develop work for teaching staff and students across Schellhammer Business School, and we would like to thank you in advance for your patience and continued commitment whilst we develop robust and workable solution.

Any questions or concerns may be directed to Gillian on [email protected], or via WhatsApp who is in contact with our student representatives on campus as well as the Advisory Board. Anyone with a personal concern can contact Dr. Edward Schellhammer directly (contact details available via WhatsApp).

We will keep you updated as soon as more official information becomes available.

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