Since the start in 2009 more than 200 students liked our mission and programs, below are a selection of their testimonials, reviews and feedback from their parents as well as the results of the yearly education survey carried out as part of the ongoing educational quality management commitment.

2015 Student Testimonials and Reviews

“Thank you so much for everything, I have learnt so much and found my path with a new career at the United Nations Headquarter in NY” Maria, MBA Program student.

“I have been so lucky to be a student at SBS” Michael, BBA Graduate

“Now that my time here at SBS has come to an end I realise how much I learnt” Kemal, BBA Graduate

“A fantastic 4 years” Vishesha, FP and BBA Graduate

Feedback and Testimonials in 2014

“I love this business school because it helped me find something I didn’t know I had… an understanding and passion for business” Taha, MU Year 3 BBA Program student.

“I have learnt so much in such a short period. So glad I came here instead!” Roman, MU Year 1 BBA Program student.

Student Survey Academic Year 2012-2013

  • 98% of the students mention teaching quality as exceeding and very exceeding expectations.
  • 95% of the students value the program structure as exceeding and very exceeding expectations.
  • 65% of the students especially emphasize the “amount of personal attention” as ‘best experience’.
  • 95% of the students find the student support as exceeding and very exceeding expectations.
  • 95% of the students especially emphasize the “good and helpful instructors” as ‘best experience’.
  • 90% of the students see the offered teaching facilities as exceeding and very exceeding expectations.
  • 90% of the students find the program content as exceeding and very exceeding expectations.
  • 90% of the students experience the area’s social life as exceeding and very exceeding expectations.

Student Survey Academic Year 2011-2012

A selection of Reviews, Feedback and Student Testimonials ‘What I like most’:

  • The personal touch from the teachers
  • Classrooms and facilities are nice
  • Helpful teachers and administration
  • Support also in personal matters
  • Everybody should come to SBS
  • Kind, helpful and patient management
  • Classes are small with good communication
  • Very nice atmosphere to study in
  • SBS feels like a big family
  • All professors are kind, helpful and supportive
  • The teaching is very good
  • Everybody can learn languages
  • The subjects are very interesting
  • I learn a lot. Thank you
  • Teachers and the administration assist in solving student’s problems
  • Facilities are very good and installations are up-to-date
  • Most of the classes are amazing
  • Teachers are always ready to assist
  • All the subjects are well thought out
  • Dr. Schellhammer is an amazing teacher
  • Friendly atmosphere, cozy and very personal
  • I learn a lot about humans and the state of the world

Examples of Reviews, Feedback and Parent Testimonials

“I appreciate your great attention a lot. I know how eager and involved my daughter S. is in your University, for which I am grateful for twice. I also know of the magnificent treatment that she is receiving from the faculty, from you as well as notably from the President. Thank you so much for all this, I look forward to greeting you personally at the end of this week and would like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy Christmas holiday.” Mother of S. studying Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

“Dear Mr. President Dr. Schellhammer, Thank you for your warm welcome. I was impressed by your wise and bright new vision for training new generation and preparing them to challenge our new world crisis. I wish you will do your best to help my son A. to improve his skills and structure his personality.” Father of A. studying Bachelor of Arts in Tourism, Hospitality and Leisure

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