Foundation Program

Start your journey of discovery by exploring the fascinating worlds of life and business and build up mental tools and self-confidence with amazing relevant knowledge.

The Foundation Program at SBS offers a new and exciting alternative route into studying for a full Bachelors Program at SBS. If you have non-standard qualifications or do not quite meet the entry requirements for our three-year Bachelor Program, then the Foundation Program is for you.

The SBS Foundation Program offers a range of modules that will enhance your learning, support your development, help you develop the theoretical, practical and academic skills you will need to transition to the higher education level necessary to complete the Bachelor Program at SBS, complete an internship or embark into the job market.

Series of modules covering the following topics:

1. Academic Writing & Research
2. Fundamentals of Economics
3. Introduction to Sociology
4. Fundamentals of Psychology
5. Career Planning
6. Research & Analysis in Business
7. Starting a Business
8. Interpersonal Skills & Communication
9. Money Management, Agreements & Contracts
10. Marketing & Advertising
11. Self-Management
12. Managing the Business

LANGUAGE CLASSES OFFERED: (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and English)

Please note that subjects offered may vary from the published list and are revised periodically to ensure maximum relevance to the related industry and business world. Language classes are based on demand (minimum five students) per level and must be chosen prior to the start of the semester.

Course Information
Course Code: DP-300
Course Duration: 1 academic year
Semester 1: October / Semester 2: February
Minimum Age: 17


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