Master of Arts in Psychology

The Master of Arts Programs at Schellhammer Business School aim to form a new generation of professionals with vanguard visions, the right knowledge and the efficient skills to educate, guide, provide advice, support and teach people for hope, for a better life, for love, for the truth, for satisfaction of their genuine inner needs, for efficient spirituality, for happiness, for abilities to achieve fulfillment with the “Spiritual Intelligence” and the Archetypes of the Soul.

Analytical knowledge, dreams and meditations about the Archetypes of the Soul, including all superior Archetypal Processes open the door to an advanced authentic understanding of humans and humanity. The aims are an authentic life style, a genuine culture, an all-sided balanced society and humanity; and in the end the ultimate result: living Peace on Earth and protecting the Planet for the generations the next 1000 and more years.

  • State of the Planet and the Human Factors in Future Perspectives
  • Modern Philosophical Anthropology
  • The Manifoldness and Complexity of Human’s Psyche (Mind)
  • The Forming of all Psychical Functions for Mastering Life
  • The Unconscious Mind, its Inventory, Coding, and Dynamics
  • Narcissism, Neuroticism, Psychopathy, and Collective Madness
  • State of Humanity and the Human Factors in Future Perspectives
  • Hermeneutics and Symbolism to Understand Human’s Life
  • The Power of Love, Feelings and the Genuine Inner Needs
  • The Archetypes of the Soul for Collective Psychical-Spiritual Evolution
  • Dreams, Spiritual Intelligence, Meditation and Interpretation
  • The Tools of Psychology in Opposite to the Complex Society
  • Aims of Psychical-Spiritual Education for Personal Fulfillment
  • Renewal of Understanding Humans with the Archetypes of the Soul
  • Inner Archetypal Foundation of Professionals in Psychological Fields
  • Networks and Strategies to Resolve Problems of Humanity
  • Workshops & Industrial Visits

Practical Training, Study and Thesis

Dream Interpretation, Meditation, Catharsis, and Archetypal Psycho-energetic Rituals. Home study and preparatory work: minimum 15 hours per week (3 hours per subject). Final thesis (third trimester): minimum 50 hours.

Psychological and Spiritual Career Perspectives:

Psychological foundation of renewal of humanity: Religions and ideologies are founded in an archaic understanding of humans and human life; they must be revised, modernized and rebuilt from the bottom. The MA Program offers a further education for psychologists and religious offices that have an outstanding interest in: the evolutionary “human factors”, the further development of an efficient spirituality, Individuation-oriented advice in matters of faith, an evolutionary understanding of transcendence, a psychical-spiritual approach to the “mystery of human being”, archetypal processes shown in dreams that reveal the truth about the source and meaning of life; and in a new evolutionary understanding of the Archetypes of the Soul, especially the superior Archetypal Processes of wise personalities, leaders of humans and religious incumbents, etc. Such an approach also has an immense positive impact in all kind of psychological counseling and psychotherapy.

LANGUAGE CLASSES OFFERED: (Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese Mandarin, Japanese, Russian and English)

Please note that subjects offered may vary from the published list and are revised periodically to ensure maximum relevance to the related industry and business world. Language classes are based on demand (minimum five students) per level and must be chosen prior to the start of the trimester.

Course Information

  • Course Code: MAP-200
  • Course Duration: 1 academic year


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