Individuation Program

“Archetypal pathways to revitalise the meaning of your life.”

Carl G. Jung said: Individuation is not attainable; not even half. Dr E Schellhammer confirms: the aim is possible. You can achieve your Individuation.

You may want to renew your inner and outer life. You may want to explore the benefits of biographical elaboration and practise efficient inner catharsis. You are willing and able to commit to the process of Archetypal personal development reaching a higher purpose deeply rooted in the creation.

The Individuation Program is personalised and has been developed exclusively by our founder Dr E Schellhammer (Swiss). There are two stages to complete: first the “Inner Development” journey for catharsis and renewal, and then “Outer Development” mission to reveal and build your leadership potential to instigate a new global spirituality offering guidance for the genuine collective Archetypal development of humanity two-stage process:

Stage 1: The “Inner Development” Journey

  • Finding higher aims in life.
  • Path to archetypal development.
  • How to practise Individuation.
  • How to deal with strong emotions.
  • How to practise efficient inner catharsis.
  • Benefit from biographical elaboration.
  • Living with genuine spirituality.
  • Build up a rich mind and soul.
  • Dealing with collective epigenetics.
  • Building up genuine enlightenment.
  • Ways of dealing with strong challenges.
  • Correctly interpreting your dreams.
  • Meditating efficiently.
  • Strategies of building up your career.
  • How to create multiple inner balance.
  • How to practise systematic self-analysis.
  • Find your genuine self and fulfilment.
  • Building strategies for valuable aims.
  • How to lead for inner development.
  • Understanding pre- and postnatal factors.
  • Complex critical thinking and questioning.
  • How to manage critical life course issues.
  • Program to become self-responsible.
  • Avoid repeating the same mistakes.
  • Ways to implement high human values.

Stage 2: The “Outer Development” Mission

  • Personal responsibilities for externalities.
  • “Healing” past collective suffering.
  • Resetting the mad collective past.
  • Indispensable ways to nurturing society.
  • Holistic strategies for global peace.
  • Strategies to reduce contamination.
  • Increased healthy lifestyles for all ages.
  • 80% reduction of central governance.
  • How to drastically reduce global poverty.
  • Transform 7000 years of atrocities.
  • To drastically demilitarise the world.
  • Depopulation of overpopulated cities.
  • Earn the right to lead.
  • How provinces can renew their people.
  • How to preserve the creation
  • The right to serve free nations.
  • How to manage political criticalities.
  • New advanced human governance.
  • Acquire wisdom for collective guidance.
  • Mission of leadership for the people.
  • How the planet must serve all the people
  • Journey to genuine leadership.
  • Creating collective reconciliation.
  • Leading a society with inner values.
  • Choose your ‘pioneering mission’.


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    Additional Program Information

    • Individuation is not psychotherapy but a holistic process of personal development aiming completeness.
    • Individuation is a very personal process and can only be elaborated in private with Dr Schellhammer.